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2019 Goals and Objectives

January is a time for self-reflection and resolution-making. After looking back on what we’ve accomplished in 2018 (namely, getting the practice off the ground!), we’ve come up with a few goals and objectives we’d like to accomplish for 2019. Here they go:

Develop a consistent social media presence

The CPA practice is a new endeavor, so I think it’s only fitting that one of our goals is to publish content online on a consistent basis. At this point that looks like blogs and articles about topics that affect our clients as organizations and people within those organizations. This also includes posts on the business page’s LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

Revamp the website

Our website was set up in a way that let us get this thing launched. It has the necessary components that let people know what we do and who we are. But, it can be better. A goal for us in early 2019 is to update and revamp the website to better convey the clients we want to serve and the ways in which we can serve them, while also maintaining an air of lightheartedness authenticity from which we’re attempting to build our brand.

Grow the practice

As a brand new practice we have the opportunity to start out of the gate working with the clients that are a mutual fit, and we couldn’t be more excited about that. In 2019 we’d like to:

  • provide some educational materials to potential clients about the services we offer and how they are beneficial,
  • develop a superb on-boarding process that makes sure we’re the best fit for our clients and they’re the best fit for us,
  • perform market research to better understand what organizations are needing in our area, and make sure we’re designed and prepared to help serve those needs. (This includes a free coffee/drink, *wink wink*)

Get more involved in the community

Our local communities have given a lot to us, and we want to make sure we’re giving back to them. In 2019 we intend to develop relationships with a few local organizations in our area to partner with and help make a difference in the lives of the people and communities around us.

Authenticity and transparency are two values that we want to strive to exhibit in all that we do. We believe posting our goals so that our friends and clients can see them, and keep us accountable to them, is one way to stick to those values.

What do you think of these goals? Too crazy, or not crazy enough?! Feel free to leave a comment or email us at with suggestions or thoughts!